Elinox Victorinox Picnicker Knife

Swiss Army Picnicker Knife Multi Tool

Recently I had the pleasure of selling this knife.  I was fascinated by the all serrated main blade.  I had no idea what it was and after digging and digging I finally discovered this Elinox Victorinox Swiss Army Camping Multi Tool knife was the Picnicker

It’s 91mm, 3 Layer multi tool. It has a cork screw and a saw blade as well as the standard tools.  It is a discontinued model. In Germany it was known as the Campingmesser! 

Here’s some pics…..Hope this info helps.  


Serratedbladeswissarmy elinoxserratedcampingknife swissarmycampingserrated






Elinox Victorinox Picnicker Knife posted first on http://ift.tt/2kAcUYB


Author: Buck Knives

I love working in the kitchen, from preparing holiday meals to those quick snacks for on the go. And the foods I prepare are healthy and still taste great..I am running my own bussiness of knives. When you need a new set of kitchen knives, you would definitely go through several cutlery brands before you find the one you like. Therefore, it is important to look at the criteria for kitchen knives.

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