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Steel Sahlute fellow knifers!  Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time since I’ve done a pocket knife review.  I’ve been spending lots of time in the great outdoors with my grandsons and their friends educating them on using axes, saws, knives (now fixed blades are what we use) and most importantly match usage.  All the tools I used when I was younger but adult supervision wasn’t usually present! LOL

So, stay tuned as I’m finishing my knife review on the Rough Rider Gunstock Amber Bone 2 blade knife. Actually I’m trying to find something wrong with it especially for what I paid for it – $13.99.  

Then, outta the blue I read an email from some dude who says, “ We are a online knife shop startup that carries knives from popular video games, EDC, tactical/military and fantasy knives.

I was like, uhhhh, yeah, no……..uhhhhhh, oh heck, sure send it.  

GameofKnives Review fantasy knife

Ok….stay with me here friends. First impressions mean a lot, and I was impressed and then I cut a piece of paper……and, well you know I ABSOLUTELY LOVE making a cut into something and it’s smooth as cutting air!!

Don’t wander off to far…….



P.S. – Here’s their website if you want to check ‘em out!

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Author: Buck Knives

I love working in the kitchen, from preparing holiday meals to those quick snacks for on the go. And the foods I prepare are healthy and still taste great..I am running my own bussiness of knives. When you need a new set of kitchen knives, you would definitely go through several cutlery brands before you find the one you like. Therefore, it is important to look at the criteria for kitchen knives.

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