Solutions for Small Problems Every Home Has

Solutions for Small Problems Every Home Has

Tidy up and clear out some issues around the home with clever home hacks. Use these tips and tactics to resolve common, everyday issues that could impact the style, storage, and safety of your home.

Some easy hacks to use include:

Simplify Storage
Hanging a shelf adds immediate storage to any area. Buy suction cup shelves for storage without holes, hardware, or effort!

Conceal Cords
Hide unsightly cables, wires, and cords with DIY camouflaged organizers. You can also convert a magazine rack to act as a cable box, which keeps cords tucked out of sight. Conceal outlets and switch-plates with decorative covers that meld with your décor.

Get Treads
Carpeting can wear after a while, especially in homes with a lot of foot-traffic. Invest in stair treads instead of runners or bare steps, which can prove potentially dangerous.

Improve Cabinetry
Tired of searching the back of a cupboard or cabinet for a culinary item? Use a lazy-Susan in your kitchen cabinets to make items more accessible, organized, and convenient to use when you need them.

Get Crafty
Brick and siding clips will hang decorative pieces, like wreaths, without holes on doors, porches, and even a brick-faced fireplace. Use these instead of possibly damaging these surfaces in your home.

Buy Baskets
Look for baskets to use for inexpensive storage in the bathroom. Thread the spool of toilet paper on the handle, and fill the basket with back-up rolls.

Try these tips to resolve common issues that may crop-up when you are redecorating or spring cleaning your home. We hope these tips will make it easy to conceal, camouflage, and convert problem areas into decorative accents.

Getting a repairperson out to fix it costs money for labor and parts. If the dryer is too far gone, it might need replacement, which is very expensive.

Higher Energy Bills
It’s simple math: the longer your dryer takes to get clothes dry, the more energy it uses. You pay for all that energy in your monthly utility bills.

The bottom line: lighter loads dry more efficiently, less expensively, more quickly, with less wear and tear on your machine. To save time, money and energy, don’t overload your dryer.

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