What to Look For in a Front Load Washer

What to Look Front Load Washer

Before you go out and buy a new front-loading washer, make sure that you buy the one that will suit your home, and life, the best.

Some things to look for in your new washer are:

The Measurements
Don’t guess when it comes to measuring your new washer. Make sure that there is ample room for the door to open and close, and that you take height into consideration for your space.

The Style
Stay away from the flash of bold-colored machines or new appliance trends. Stick to a neutral tone, nothing too trendy, to ensure the greatest satisfaction over time.

The Capacity
Be realistic when looking for your washer in terms of capacity. How much laundry do you do? Smaller-load models will be cheaper, but may not fit pragmatically with your lifestyle.

The Drum
A key element of any washer is the drum. Invest a little more to ensure the drum is rust-resistant, preferably made from durable stainless-steel. Also, check the measurements for your washer’s drum; an average front-loading machine has a drum that is around four-to-five cubic feet, which typically washes an eight-pound load of laundry.

Features and Options
Before you spend good-money for added options and features that you may not need, ask around to determine if they are worth it. Things like a delicate cycle or steam option may sound good, but will you use these enough to make the added cost practical?

It is important to consider the energy costs of your new washer. Check the energy star rating of the product before buying. Also, go ahead and check the model’s safety rating through the Consumer Product Safety Commission to determine the safety and any known hazards of the washer.

Use these tips when shopping for a new front-load washer. You will find that a little bit of effort, such as taking precise measurements and checking product ratings, can ensure that you are happier with your new appliance for years to come.

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