Rough Rider Gunstock Autumn Jigged Bone Knife Review

Amazing what a phenomenal knife this is……and for the money, oh it’s just hard hard to believe. 

Rough Rider Gunstock Review
My wife gave this to me for Christmas 2016 and I’ve carried this frequently over the last 5 months.


Fit & Finish – Amazing. Clean. Crisp. Tight. Perfect. Someone overseas has some very high requirements when making pocket knives.  

Walk & Talk – WICKED half stop….be very careful……great snap. 

Sharpness – Not amazing, like hair cutting sharp, but truly SHARP straight out of the box! 

Sharpening – Used a sharpening steel to hone the edges. Easy peasy. 

Price – $15.00, shipped. 

Functionality – A workhorse of a knife. And keeps on cutting. 
In one of the pics below you can see where I made some tiny curls with one of the blades.

Pocketknifereview Roughr Riderautumnbonereview Knife review rough riderRough Rider Knife review RoughRidersharpknife

I finished the review today by whittling this small branch in half and then creating a point, with a rope hook on opposite end to finalize as a tent/tarp stake.  


And let me tell you that stick was super hard wood! 

I’ve never heard anything bad about these Rough Rider pocket knives and you’d be hard pressed to find a better knife for the money!

Steel Sahlute!


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Author: Buck Knives

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