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Keep Laundry Organized & Efficient with These Tips

Keep Laundry Organized with These Tips

Washing and drying laundry is an ever-present task that never goes away. For this reason, it makes sense to streamline the process as much as possible through the use of updated technology and efficient routines. Here are some tips to help you.

Update Your Machines

The first step in laundry efficiency is to have a washer and dryer set that has the ability to handle the workload. You may consider the retention of your older machines sound economic strategy, but in fact older appliances are significantly less efficient in the amount of energy and water that they use. Upgrading to new high efficiency laundry equipment gives you a noticeable performance boost and also saves you money by lightening your utility bills.

Arrange Your Work Area

Consider the layout and size of your laundry room when deciding on your washer and dryer upgrade. If your space is limited, selecting a front-loading stackable pair saves you half the floor area. However, if your main concern is having a place to stow your auxiliary products such as detergents, softeners, and bleach, perhaps side by side machines with storage drawers built into the pedestal bases may be the answer.

Select Laundry Products Wisely

Many people default to habit when they purchase laundry products, because over time they have become used to certain types they find most pleasant and useful. However, traditional heavy-suds cleaning products do not work well in newer high-efficiency machines, which are built to clean effectively with less suds. You are better off switching to laundry products specifically designed for HE appliances. Additionally, remember that some HE equipment offers the option of cleaning lightly soiled laundry with steam only, without the need of detergent.

Pre-Sort Clothes

The accumulation of time saved by having multi-compartment hampers in each closet can be significant in the long run. If adults and children alike sort their clothes according to color as soon as they set them aside to wash, this not only reinforces good habits, but also makes the overall laundry process more efficient.

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Trending Home Decor in 2018

Trending Home Decor in 2018

Give your home a hip makeover with some trendy style suggestions this year. Visit home retailers, design studios, and even thrift or consignment stores to garner inspiration, imagination, and fabulous finds for your home.

Some trending home décor ideas for 2018 include:Up-Cycled Finds

From cardboard boxes to damaged dressers, up-cycling is a home décor trend that is big in the coming year. Try making your own fantastic focal point for any room in the home: first, stock-pile a dozen or more wooden paint stirrers and give them a coat of paint to frame a round mirror. The result is stunning and no one will believe is one of your up-cycled finds!

Stately Stone

Stone is chic this year, but think beyond countertops and flooring. For a very modern and magnificent kitchen, check out stone sinks for your kitchen or bathroom.

Vintage Decor

Does vintage décor ever go out of style? Not in 2018! Look for sun-bleached wood, vintage light fixtures, and vintage brass or metal accents. Make the old new again this year!

Treated Ceilings

Another hot trend involves treating your ceilings with wallpaper or contrasting paint. In smaller spaces, consider creating a pattern or motif in the center to provide an eye-catching focal point. if your room is small, extend the wall-color to your ceiling for the feeling of a much-larger space.

Versatile Concrete

Concrete is the go-to material in 2018; it is seen in fixtures and features throughout the home, and lauded for its convenience and longevity. Consider resurfacing a fireplace and hearth, or check out concrete furniture, floors, and counters.

Bold Color

The key to color in 2018 is to go bold! Red is a hot choice for any room of your home, as is a neutral blue, pretty pink, or bright, crisp white.

Try these tips to give your home a makeover using the hottest trends of 2018. Visit retailers to find what you need to up-cycle, re-purpose, or re-imagine items in your home’s spaces, and give your place a fresh face!

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